Aldo Bakker

First Published 10 October 2014


This is the type of work that we get very excited about sharing with you!

Aldo Bakker is a young designer from the Netherlands whose work is defiant.

He is inspired by forms or parts of forms he encounters in daily life ranging from animals, to nature to architecture.  He draws a form and tries to distill it down to its geometrical essence and in so doing he also questions the function of the object and challenges preconceived ideas about that object.

Through this process of deconstruction and gradual rebuilding he creates objects  based on his study of form then adds function. (As opposed to “Form follows function. – Louis Sullivan,  a principle associated with modernist architecture and industrial design in the 20th century).

The objects look natural and comfortable in the world yet it’s not always obvious what their function is … and this is what the designer wants!  He is ‘defying’ accepted norms and proposing new ways of using his objects, which refocus our attention on simple acts in our daily world.

This is a big idea and we hope you love it as much as we do!!



Indigo Tonus Tabouret handmade out of a solid block of oak wood and treated with iron 

Size: 54 x 36 x 34 cm


Tonus Tabouret handmade out of a solid block of oak wood

Size: 54 x 36 x 34 cm


All photos by Erik and Petra Hesmerg

The following photos are from a very special vernissage on Tuesday night.
This is a new body of work by
Johanna Halford,
a young British artist, who lives and works in Paris.

photo 1-1The serene beauty of the owl quietly soaring in the air also evokes an electric tension in his eyes. This direct piercing gaze  is questioning and inescapable.  It’s this contrast between quiet/calm and electric/startling feelings that keep us engaged.

photo 4-1
Her work evolved through elaborate explorations including live models and found feathers and historical research into the cultural significance of wings and birds and specifically owl. Below are a few of the paintings of various types of wings and feathers.

photo 3-1
photo 2-1

Inquiries about any of these objects: or 06 47 25 09 66


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