Collecting Tips from Experts at Design Miami Basel

First Published 21 June 2012

Here are two lamps we love from 1950!  The Grasshoper floor lamp by Greta Magnusson Grossman and the Sputnik ceiling light by Gino Sarfatti.

Last Saturday we attended a Master Class Talk at Design Miami Basel on Collectible Lighting of the 20th and 21st Centuries. The panel included included Didier Krzentowski of Galerie Kreo in Paris, Evan Snyderman of R 20th Century in New York and Marco Romanelli, the Italian designer and critic. Some of their tips on acquiring collectible lighting included:

1. Buy the history or the story of an object rather than basing a decision solely on aesthetics.

2. Understand what an object meant when it was designed – was it revolutionary in its time? If so, that quality makes it collectible.

3. Rarity, of course is important.

4. Buy the best! This might sound obvious but it’s worth stating here… There is a world of difference between a small collection of important examples in lighting design history versus a large amount of lesser items.

5. Do your research and/or seek the advise of an expert.


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