Dutko and PAD Paris

First Published 20 February 2015

Transcendent Aesthetics of ArtDesign

Eric Schmitt and Benoit Lemercier are two contemporary designers creating supremely seductive and sculptural ArtDesign objects. With different methods and intentions both create works that evoke beautiful harmony. There work will be presented at PAD Paris by the exciting Jean-Jacques Dutko Gallery.Table Leaf HD

Eric Schmitt Leaf Console in Patinated bronze. An edition of 8. Signed ES.
Height: 29 in. Diameter: 52 in.
Image courtesy of Galerie Jean-Jacques Dutko

_DSC0367 (Copier)

Benoit Lemercier console in white lacquered steel, 2014 from the Superstring Series.
Height: 120 cm/47 1/4 in., Length: 150 cm/59 in. Depth: 60 cm/23 3/4 in.
Image courtesy of Galerie Jean-Jacques Dutko

As a decorative artist, Eric Schmitt  says, “there are parameters within which I must work. I start with the form – be it table, console, bowl, etc – and rework my drawings as I explore the form within the boundaries of proportion, equilibrium, material and function.  When the work speaks to me clearly and quietly, I have reached the final form. I feel very close to the manner of searching and exploration found in early Modernist decorative art masters such as Pierre Chareau, Jean-Michel Frank and Eugène Printz, whose love of materials and geometry found expression through timeless harmony.
I believe modernity can be found in the past, and the idea that certain forms transcend time – remaining provocative and inspiring – resonates deeply for me. I search for inspiration that speaks to this sensibility.”

While Lemercier says, “My role as an artist is not to comment on daily life, politics or society, but instead to be interested in the essence of universal things in order to glorify their harmony and understand their message.  He studies various theories of physics including superstring theory and that of hypercubes endeavoring to give “poetic” form to the “world that we cannot comprehend through our eyes.”

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 9.27.32 AM

Lemercier’s sculptures paintings and drawings will be on view at Dutko Ile Saint Louis – a très chic gallery – starting just a few days before PAD and we are looking forward to visiting to learn more about the artist’s artistic/scientific explorations.


The Breathing Cloud, below right,  will be presented for the first time as a unique installation for the entrance of PAD Paris.

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 6.20.30 AM

Emmanuel Babled‘s Digit Chandelier

Below: ‘The breathing cloud’ is a computer generated pattern of 3 varying sizes of spherical lights densely clustered together. They are produced with hand blown Murano glass.  The original Digit light that inspired this installation is a reference to Pop Culture and randomness in contrast with the classical Muranese chandelier.

“The breathing motion of the light emitted from the handblown glass, is a heightened expression of movement, air, and change. The light is alternating density and openness, balance and extreme, light and reflection.” according to the PAD website. We can’t wait to experience this in person!

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 6.30.22 AM

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 9.47.24 PM

Lastly we wanted to share an inspiring nowness.com video  of prolific writer/publisher Angelika Taschen speaking of interiors from her apartment in Berlin.
She says, “I only like authentic interiors … an apartment that has a soul and the person who lives in it is behind every single detail… I think that is very important for a good interior.” 

Her apartment was designed by British architect David Adjaye who will be mining the permanent collection at Cooper Hewitt for the 12th exhibition in the ongoing Selects series.

Opening 19 June 2015! Mark your calendars now!
We will certainly visit in July.Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 5.08.25 PM

Wishing you all a great weekend!


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