Gabriella Crespi

 First Published 2 January 2015


Ying Yan dining table in polished varnished brass and ivory lacquered wood, from the Plurimi series (1979) by Gabriella Crespi


 “I was inspired only by the universe” said Gabriella Crespi of the motivating force behind her astounding body of design work.

 We love the purity of form of this Ying Yan three-part dining table (c1979) from the Plurimi series with its smooth biomorphic shape cleverly opening up to reveal hidden storage. In ancient Chinese philosophy, the duality of Yin and Yang represents complementary oppositions which together make up the sum of our existence. Yin represents the moon, femininity and the negative element while Yang reflects masculinity, the sun and the positive element which coexist side by side and form a cohesive whole. Crespi has here referenced the ancient philosophy while reinterpreting it in her search “for the infinite” by adding a third element – the brass centre piece provides the smooth interlocking link for the two outer sections. This third element can be interpreted perhaps as the overlapping meeting point of the other two which otherwise maintain their independence. This is further reinforced by the altered spelling of the Yin and Yang elements.
For us, the way Crespi  balances philosophy, design and  sculptural abstraction in her work is intriguing and thought-provoking.

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