Interview with Sandra Jallu of Jallu Ebénistes

First Published 25 September 2015


Parchment and Pyrite Cabinet

After being captivated by her firms work at Revelations at the Grand Palais in Paris earlier this month, we caught up with Sandra Jallu of Jallu Ebénistes this week while she was at the Monaco Yacht Show, to find out more about her company and the art deco inspired designs they create.

Artecase: Sandra, are you American?

Sandra Jallu: Yes, I’m American. I used to have an art gallery in NY and for a while I worked at the Atelier Viollet in Brooklyn. This is where I met Yann.

Artecase: What is Atelier Viollet?

Sandra Jallu: It’s a woodworking shop founded in France in 1836 that moved to NY over 150 years ago.  Over seven years Yann worked his way up to become the head of this workshop. However, his training as a cabinetmaker began well before then. He was born in Brittany, France and when he was 16 years old he entered the prestigious, storied guild called Campagnon de Devoir (think codes of honor, secret ceremonies and secret codes). He dedicated himself to the full 7 years it takes to complete the program and become a master craftsman.  During the last two years of the training he completed a “masterpiece” that was judged by professors and determined whether he could graduate. He was one of only a handful of students to complete this rigorous program. (It is common at over 90% of the students drop out.)

Artecase: When did you start your company together?

Sandra Jallu: We began working in 2006 when we moved back to France.

Artecase: How do you work together?

Sandra Jallu: I’m the more artist influence and Yann is highly technical. We compliment each other.

Artecase: Is all of your work custom orders?

Sandra Jallu: Yes, well 90%. We make pieces to show at fairs such as Revelations in Paris and the Monaco Yacht Show and this way we give clients examples of our skills. Most often clients like the work but would like something bigger, another color, made to fit a specific wall, etc. We adapt our designs to the needs of the clients.

Artecase: Is all of your work Art Deco inspired?

Sandra: Yes, we are the largest straw marquetry atelier in the world and the only atelier in Europe to master all of the materials from the Art Deco period including parchment veneer, straw marquetry, shagreen, wood veneers, crystallized gypsum, and pyrite is a new material we are working with… so again we are inspired by Art Deco in the materials we use and the forms of our furniture but we are also in close touch with interior designers and clients about what they would like to see and we work diligently to respond with inspiring designs.

Researching the couple we found that Peter Marino and Thomas Pheasant are loyal clients and their end clients are often very high profile and/or very discreet – from NYC loft owners to palaces in Saudi Arabia.

Sandra graciously sent  us studio shots of several of their works of art. They give a wonderful idea of the opulence, grace  and perfection that this “technician” as Mr. Jallu refers to himself, brings to life for clients.


Parchment Cabinet


Crystallized Gypsum Commode

Jallu straw marquetry radiant_lamps

Straw Marquetry Lamps


Blue Straw Marquetry Screen


Natural Straw Marquetry Screen

Straw marquetry wall panel panneaux

Straw marquetry wall panel

Jallu parchment and straw marquetry coffee table BG02 coffee table 600

Parchment and Straw Marquetry Coffee Table

JALLU-Mackie gypse bureau copy

“White Snow Veneer” Crystallized Gypsum and Patinated Brass Desk


Corner detail of the Gypsum Desk


Roxy Cabinet in Crystalized Gypsum

detail of roxy cabinet - gypse

Detail of the incredible craftsmanship of the Roxy Cabinet


Parchment, vellum and straw marquetry desk


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