Murano Glass

First Published 27 September 2014

photo 1-5

1970s Murano glass ‘Spaghetti’ vases
We call them spaghetti vases because they immediately reminded us of contemporary designer Gaetano Pesce’s colored resin Spaghetti vases, which are pictured below.
This pair of Murano glass vases is 2500 Euros

 pesce-gaetano-1939-italy-vase-spaghetti-medium-2540268 _MG_5104

photo 2-4

Set of six 1970s Black leather, metal and lucite dining chairs. 4000 Euros

photo 3-1

1970s Scalloped console table with lucite legs. 5000 Euros

photo 5photo 4

1950s Blue metal and brass wall appliqués. 2200 Euros


Set of 25 hand carved tiles, each 20 cm x 20 cm
2000 Euros for the set and 90 euros per tile. 
Custom orders welcome.e9b78717-b7ad-4497-bd27-e628df591973

Close up of a single tile.
There are five patterns to choose from or mix and match.

Inquiries about any of these objects: or 06 47 25 09 66


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