Scouting at Druout

First Published 3 October 2014



photo 1

This is a set of six 19th/Early 20th Century Scholars chairs from Shandong, an Eastern province in China.  They would look great in a formal dining room or a more contemporary setting.
The pair is offered for about 300 Euros


Same style chair in a beautifully eclectic interior.

photo 5

A French mid-20th century desk lamp. About 200 Euros.

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 12.24.24

Fontana Arte bougeoir in glass, model 2237. This unusual trio of candlestick holders are attached by silver plated joints on square bases. 
 €4,000- €5,000


An AFRA and Tobia Scarpa Sorianna canapé for Casina in 1970 is coming up for sale at Christie’s in Paris on 14 October in the debut Interiors sale with items chosen by renown interior designer Nicolas Dufour. We have found these from time to time and know of a BLACK one right now. Will be interesting to see what this one sells for … 
the estimate is 800-1200 Euros.

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 12.22.03 PM

Seriously luxurious and bohemian style.

photo credit:

And as fashion week winds up here in Paris, here is a nod to the great Coco …

photo 3


A print of the portrait of Coco Chanel by Georgette Tavé

Un portrait, c’est un caractère !”. Celui de Coco Chanel apparat sans fard. “Sans le vouloir… C’est sorti comme ça. Elle était un peu cadavérique, toujours ces roses autour de son chapeau, le visage pointu comme son caractère. ” Quand l’artiste a prêté le portrait pour une exposition à Tokyo, les Japonais faisaient la queue dehors pour voir ce petit minois dur comme le succès.”

Valérie Duponchelle Le Figaro 20 octobre 1998

Translation: “A portrait is a character. This one of Coco Chanel, appeared without makeup. ‘Without hope/desire … It arrived like this. She was a bit dark, always with roses around her hat, her face pointed, like her character.’ When the artist lent this painting to an exhibition in Tokyo, the Japonese lined up for hours to see this little this sweet little face hardened by success.”

This print will be offered at auction this weekend.
200-300 Euros


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