Unique Glass Vases by Eric Schmitt

First Published 13 June 2013


photo copy 3

photo copy 5

photo copy 8

photo copy 6

Eric Schmitt presented a series of unique hand-blown glass vases a few evenings ago along the Palais-Royal.  It was one of the rare lovely evenings we’ve had this spring in Paris and these pieces sparkled and captivated the crowd.

Each piece was blown directly on its bronze base by a different person.  The size of the blowers lungs therefore played a pivotal role in the resulting form of each vase. Schmitt introduced  color and design (lines, bubbles) elements as well and varying forms for the bronze pedestals.

There is a tiny makers mark on the base and the glass.  When these marks are lined up they present the right way (and only way) to rest the vase on its base.

We think they are stunning as objects in and of themselves, but have had the privilege to visit Mr. Schmitt’s home and see his vases (not these exact ones) filled with flowers and water and the experience was absolutely enchanting! I seriously dream of owning one of these magnificent vases! Do you like them? Let us know if we can put you in touch with Eric Schmitt’s work.


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