Up at Les Puces

First Published 7 November 2014


With Paris Photo opening next week, we were excited to see Etienne Bertrand Weill’s  ’Métaforme’  works (1959-1982). These are photographs of  abstract creations through which he recorded the movement of mobiles based on his interpretation of musical structures. They were meant to free the viewer from reality by stimulating the imagination without restraining it. Weill worked for a time as Hans Arp’s official photographer and also conceived moving images as backdrops for France’s National Opera Ballet in the 1970s – these backdrops played a key role in the choreographies. This original silver print from 1959 is called ‘Orphée’ (41.6 x 51.5 cm). It is a technique which involved printing the original negative onto gelatin silver fiber paper.


photo 1

This is a rare 1960s murano glass Seguso pendant light (20cm diameter). Seguso have been designing glass in Murano since 1937. The reflections made by the bubbles in the glass create a layered pattern effect and draw you into the depths of the glass orb. This would be a stunning piece above a side table or a kitchen sink.


photo 3

This pair of French wicker chairs from the 1970s are very comfortable and beautifully designed. They have a contemporary form but the material is a world away from the plastic material used to create weather-proof versions of this aesthetic. These are the original natural material.  They are light and easy to store when necessary.



We were drawn to these three rare metal wall shelves from the 1960s by Matthieu Matégot (1910-2001) whose work has become quite well known in the auction world. This rare model called ‘Dedal’ noires, is a versatile storage solution. The arrangement can adapt to various size walls and the form they take can change depending on how you arrange them.



Here is a sneak preview from a recent project. This ’Etrangère’ vase  (1985) by Philip Starck is in black cut Daum glass on thick transparent glass. It’s sculptural asymmetry plays beautifully with this Empire commode in mahogany with a black marble top.

Inquiries about any of these objects:
contact@artecase.com or 06 47 25 09 66


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