About Me



The purpose of this blog is to explore with you our relationships with objects…

…to inspire a new collector who respects, studies and is enchanted by the power of human creation and believes that the objets we invite into our life should be aligned with the values in our hearts.

When we approach our material world like this we are conscious collectors of the stories that will tell our stories.


Ever since I can remember I was seeking meaning and connections through the objects that surrounded me and that drew my attention. This lead me to study – economics! Seriously, I  became an assistant analyst in NY after college. But that didn’t last long. After a turbulent couple of years I landed in Cannes for a holiday and stayed in France for year studying French in Aix-en-Provence and then moving to Paris to study art history.

But the revelation that I came away with from that experience was not about art or design … it was about living in the moment! I came back and studied acting in NY. It felt like a right step yet still far from aligned with any longterm purpose. And the more acting i did – a self produced play and a very small part on As the World Turns – the less interested I became in acting as a career for me.

It was one evening at dinner at The Elephant (I think that was the name – a thai restaurant) on the lower East side in Manhattan that a friend described to me the story of how spoons and plates developed.  A new appreciation for the effort, experiments and beauty derived from real need to create a better experience in order to survive resonated very deeply with me. I applied to the Masters Program in the History of Design and the Decorative Arts offered jointly by the Smithsonian’s Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum and The New School.

My mind was blown.  I was at times overwhelmed and to this day completely enchanted by the power of objects to evoke emotion, inspire behavior and simultaneously aid/support us in performing a physical task.

My career started to slowly take form with the privilege of working with R. Louis Bofferding as his shop assistant, and then working as an assistant curator under curatorial director Barbara Bloemink at Cooper-Hewitt while I was completing my degree.

I moved on to a role as specialist in the European Furniture Department of Christie’s NY after graduation, where I work for a few years before meeting my French husband and landed back in Cannes for our wedding and then moved to Paris where I have been for the past 8 years running a small sourcing company called Arte-case. We source collectible design.

I also teach about the market for collectible design, the history of collecting at Parsons Paris. x